Effectively Using A Pressure Washer

For an experienced person, using a pressure washer may make it seem so easy to the inexperienced. An inexperienced person, generally assumes that waving the pressure washer over surfaces will leave them clean as new. In reality however, that is usually not the case. Even with the highly effective performance and capability of a pressure washer, some things just need an extra tip to clean. The general guidelines of using a pressure washer include;

Know your pressure washer

Each and every pressure washer has a certain rating and it is these ratings that determine its application. You therefore need to pick the right tool for the right job, lest you will find yourself using up undue amounts of time and energy, not to mention resources. For heavy duty cleaning, such as very dirty houses or in removing oil on surfaces, a professional pressure washer is usually the best option. Electric pressure washers are no doubt efficient but they have a low pressure rating which makes them best suited for light cleaning such as the interior of cars or on mats. Gas pressure washers can handle heavy duty work that electric washers can't but they also cannot effectively handle work that is best suited for professional washers. Similarly hot water washers are best suited for some jobs.


Cleaning fails to be effective if you get injured in the process. Observing safety is perhaps the most emphasized yet least enforced point on Earth. People have a tendency to underestimate the harm that could come out of mishandling a pressure washer. Do not make that mistake. Avoid exposure to electricity, since the water could conduct it and electrocute you. Always position the nozzle facing away from you and not towards you. Do not tinker with the washer unless you know exactly what is wrong with it, in the event of failure. Read the safety manual and abide by it.

Know your dirt

Sometimes pressure washing can be difficult to certain types of dirty. For instance, some mould may be very stubborn. By knowing what it is you want to clean, yo stand a better chance of effectively handling the dirt. For some, you might also require more than just highly pressurized water. A little detergent on the surface or any other dirt remover could come in handy when pressure washing. You can also use a scrapper to get rid of the dirt before you use the pressure washer for a smoother, cleaner finish. Remember that pressure washers are not magical and so you need a little vigour with some stains or dirt.

Written by Mike Inman


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