Lexington Kentucky Pressure Washing Service FAQ

No. An experienced pressure washing company knows how and what pressures to use for what is being cleaned. Inman Pro Wash has been in business since 2009.
It is very common for individuals attempting to make a quick dollar to promise you a professional job and then run to the nearest supermarket or discount store and purchase off the counter, household bleach. BIG MISTAKE! Household bleach contains more than just sodium hypochlorite (commonly called bleach). That type of cleaner has additives to make your clothes whiter, brighter, and cleaner in general. Household bleach is great for clothes but not your home. Pro Wash uses industrial grade Sodium Hypochlorite in specific dilution ratios to effectively clean your home without harming your siding or the environment. Vinyl siding is shipped from the manufacture with a protective coating on the surface to help resist weathering from the elements. Household bleach suffers from several shortcomings when it comes to this protective coating.
Yes. We will evaluate your site and provide you with a detailed estimate. We have the proper equipment like high volume pressure washers and boom lift trucks. We never leave anything out on our estimates.
No. If you are interested in having your roof cleaned we will inspect it during our on site evaluation. If we see any signs of structural damage we notify you immediately of the risks involved. The process we use is 100% safe on roofs with no existing problems
No. Our methods of Pressure Washing and the chemicals we use will not harm your landscaping, even delicate flowers and other foliage. We take great care to leave your landscaping the same way we found it.
No. Although we are more than happy to have an audience and answer any and all questions while we Pressure Wash your property, it is not a requirement for you to be present. We work with you, the customer, to ensure your satisfaction.
We take pride in fast and courteous service. Typically we can have your house/business scheduled for a Pressure Washing within two weeks of your initial estimate.
Yes. We try to schedule your Pressure Washing during off hours. This way we can give you the service you desire without interfering with your business and without inconveniencing your customers.
Yes. We use Eco friendly cleaners and are always investigating new Eco-friendly products to use.
Pro Wash guarantees our estimates for 30 days. During the winter scheduling process we extend our estimates to cover the spring cleaning season to save you money and time.

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