How to properly clean a deck

Deck cleaning tips:

First things first, when it comes to deck cleaning, it’s wise to just dig in and do the work necessary to clean the deck until it sparkles (at least once at the beginning of the season). The goal here is to remove any pesky mildew and other grime so it will be easier to maintain a clean deck throughout the remainder of the outdoor living season.

What should be used to clean a deck? It depends on the situation. Sometimes just a little warm, soapy water (kitchen dish soap works great) will do the trick. Just spray down the deck with a hose and spread the soap solution around with a broom. Be sure to really work the bristles of the broom into the grain of the deck’s surface.

Other times, stubborn grime and stains require the use of a deck cleaning solvent. If such a product is necessary, be sure use one that is designed especially for the purpose. You’ll find several good deck cleaning products at your local home improvement store for best results, follow the provided instructions precisely.

Nine times out of ten, one of these two methods of cleaning a deck will completely do the trick. If it seems beyond hope, it might just be time to call in the pros.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Decks:

There are a few common misconceptions out there when it comes to deck cleaning. First, pressure washers are sure handy, but they can also really accelerate damage to a wooden decking surface if set on too high of a pressure. Try to use no more than 1300 PSI Also, using harsh household products like bleach are simply not good for a deck’s surface. It pays to avoid the temptation.

Trex Decking

Mold and mildew can be tough to remove. Never use high pressure on your Trex decking it will VOID the warranty. Spread some sodium hypochlorite (bleach) mixed with some dish soap on your deck and with a bristle brush agitate it around. Rinse thoroughly. Some color Trex decking will turn a little lighter. This is due to sun fade.

Once It’s Clean, Keep It Clean:

The hard work is done and the deck has been cleaned. What’s next? Well, an annual application of water sealant or deck stain will help the deck stay clean and lustrous all season. In fact, a properly treated deck is a lot like a freshly waxed car – the water will just bead right up and roll off, taking the dirt and grime with it. A gentle hosing down will often be all that’s needed to maintain it.

The best thing about regular deck cleaning is that just a little bit of preventive maintenance helps to keep the deck surface looking great all of the time and it prolongs the life of the deck for years and years to come. Making a deck last a lifetime really is quick and easy with frequent deck cleaning.

Hope this helps.

Written by Mike Inman


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