How to clean a roof

Cleaning the roof

Go to your local home improvement store and purchase the roof cleaner. It will say on the bottle how many square feet it will cover. No pour it in a bug sprayer and apply it to your roof stained areas. Be careful and don’t fall off of the roof. This is a very dangerous procedure. Now let it sit as directed and you may have to apply it several times.

Things to know

If you plan to tackle a project like this yourself, make sure you use extreme caution and select the proper roof cleaning solution so the roof comes clean without the need for high pressure. Now these roof cleaners cost about $45 a gallon and average size house (1500sqft) will use around 7 to 10 gallons depending on how dirty your roof is. Most roof cleaning contractors will clean your roof safely and the correct way for around $500 to $700. It may be worth calling in the pros on this one.

Written by Mike Inman


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