Georgetown Kentucky Roof Washing Service

If you are selling your home, please don't even think of putting it on the market without cleaning the roof first. Give us a call and we will give you the best rate for cleaning and treating your roof.

Black Streaks on your roof are "Gloeocapsa Magma", a form of mold. If it's left untreated the streaks can turn into alga blooms, with a greenish color and clumpy appearance. Roof Cleaning is a must in this case. Many contractors or roofers will tell you that you need a new roof if it looks bad. This is totally incorrect. We have saved hundreds of peoples roofs, hundreds of thousands of dollars of unnecessary roof repairs and replacements.

With are low pressure roof treatment techniques we can give your roof that new look again.

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Lexington Ky Pressure Washing Service offering Deck Restoration, House washing and pressure washing.
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