Preparations For Pressure Washing

Like everything else, there is always a certain amount of preparation that should be done before pressure washing. The genuine concern is safety and all that is done is to maintain the safety and prevent damage of property. Generally, house washing could go very badly if safety concerns are not addressed. The following preparations detail some of the many that you should do before pressure washing;

Keep away all your appliances or cover them

Electronic appliances run the most risk of damage from exposure to water. You should therefore keep them all away from the area where the pressure washing is taking place to avoid risk of damage. Of course, some appliances can be quite difficult to move and for this reason, you should invest in waterproof covers. Plastic covers are ideal. Ensure that the cover does not have any vulnerabilities before you use it.

Keep children and pets away

It may seem like a non-essential thing but the pressure from the jet stream could cause significant damage to a person or animal. For this reason,you should keep children and pets away from where you are pressure washing so as to avoid injury. Similarly, you should avoid spraying yourself with the nozzle. Wear protective eye gear and clothing to protect yourself in the event that a projectile gets dislodged in your direction.

Move brittle plants away

Unless you do not really care much for them, or intended to change them anyway, you should always keep certain plants away from you while you are pressure washing. Flowers for instance can be damaged extensively if sprayed on by the pressure washer. If they are portable, you should move them. If they are not, you should spray your nozzle away from them. You could also improvise covers to protect them from damage.

Keep your windows shut

The emphasis on keeping your windows shut is because of two main reasons. The first of these is that,windows are able to withstand greater force if they are anchored. The best way to do this is to have them tightly shut so that the pressure from the nozzle is evenly distributed across the whole window framework and not just the glass. The second reason, and this is based on exterior house washing, is that you hold a higher risk of seepage if you keep your window open. The water could then damage the property in the interior of the house. In general always observe safety procedures around the pressure washer. Do not underestimate the damage that could be done while pressure washing.

Written by Mike Inman


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