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Look at the schedule and the weather forecast to help you figure out our schedule. The deck must be completely dry and the temperature has to be warmer than 45 degrees to stain your deck. When you see a lighting bold on the weather forecast on any day, just remember we are not staining the day before that or the day after.

Some things to remember are that some deck stains take longer to dry than others.

  • Oil Decks need about 24 to 36 hours to dry out after the stain is applied.
  • Water born stains {latex} need at least 3 to 12 hours after applied depending on how warm the weather is.
  • Deck and dock needs at least 24 hours to dry before it rains.
  • All stains are different depending on the temperature outside. We always use moisture meters and temperature gages before we apply any stain. So, if it looks dry to you it very well may not be dry enough to apply the stain.

    In most cases we can stain a deck everyday M-F but if you have an above average size deck it may take longer. So, you need take in account that we need dry days to get the decks done in front of you. Please be patient with us and the weather. We will get to you as soon as we can. If you feel like it’s taking too long to get to you, please give me a call.

    We usually run anywhere from 2 to 3 months out on all our deck projects. If you want to have your deck professionally restored in a shorter time you will probably need to call another contractor. I’m not trying to be rude in any way but quality takes time and I know you want to use your deck this summer. You can still call and I will recommend a great contractor for you.

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    Our service area is all of Fayette County and surrounding counties. Click here to see our service areas.

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