Professional Stone Cleaning

Stone cleaning can be very difficult to clean without damaging it. There are some soft stones out there that can be easily damaged if you don’t have the proper knowledge. We have been cleaning stones such as limestone and blue stone for years.

Limestone Cleaning:

Limestone can attract several stains over time. From dust to dirt and oils, and getting it clean isn’t that simple. You can easily damage Limestone with the wrong cleaners such as anything with acid in it like citrus product or vinegar. Never use high pressure on limestone, you will pit it. You want to keep the pressure under 600 PSI.

Blue Stone Cleaning:

Blue stone isn’t as porous as Limestone So it’s a little easier to keep clean. heavily weathered bluestone may accumulate mineral deposits over time such as calcium and magnesium. Bluestone should be sealed to properly protect it against these stains.

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Our service area is all of Fayette County and surrounding counties. Click here to see our service areas.

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