Tips For Pressure Washing

pressure washing can be a very great thing, that is until you get carried away and everything starts going South. The greatest emphasis that is usually given in any and all pressure washing advice, is the importance to pay attention and keep a clear head. Failure to do that will do more harm than good. For effective pressure cleaning, the following tips could come in handy to avoid any unwarranted damage;

Choose the right nozzle or tip

Universally, all the nozzles are color coded to avoid confusion and to discern them easily. Each of those nozzles is specified by a range of degrees from 0 - 40. It goes without saying that the lower the degree rating of the nozzle, the higher the pressure and the sharper the jet. For surfaces that have a high risk of damage, use a high degree rating for your tip. The tips are designed to be interchangeable and therefore they should be easy to replace.

Always know the power of your pressure washer

Pressure washers have different power ratings and pressure ratings but these are not what I am talking about. The power of your pressure washer here means the efficiency of the jet stream. Your power washer could have a pressure rating of 3000 psi, however, the guidelines do not necessarily tell you to stand five feet from what you are washing. You first need to establish the highest distance from which you can work efficiently and then you could reduce that for more stubborn dirt. You could perhaps start at five feet then lower it until you have the best distance for your cleaning, without risk of damage to your property.


Various chemicals are used in pressure washing each designed for different purposes. You should check the applications of the chemicals before you apply them. A degreasing chemical for instance, is applied in the removal of grease and stubborn oil on surfaces. The most important thing to note about these chemicals is that there are those that are specifically designed for use in pressure washing. Do not just use any detergent but rather, use chemicals designed for pressure washing. Failure to that you run the risk of damage to your pressure washer.

Keep a clear head

You should always be attentive when power washing. Avoid distractions if you can and always know the surface that you are cleaning. Walls can of course withstand a higher pressure than windows so you need to keep altering your distance to avoid damage.

Written by Mike Inman


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