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With Inman Pro Wash services you will get the job done right the first time. Let one of our professional team members make your home or business shine.

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House Washing

House Washing is very affordable with a great outcome. Our standard cleaning rate is $299 for a 2500 sqft home or smaller, anything over 2500 sqft is just $10 per hundred sqft after. With our commercial grade pressure washers and techniques, we can clean a 2500 sqft house in a little over an hour.

We can come out to your house while you are at work or away on vacation or whatever is convenient for you. We use low pressure and our machines use large water volume to reach those high places. We are always looking and staying on top of the latest chemicals and techniques to clean your vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Cleaning

We truly care about our customers

Vinyl siding cleaning is one of our most popular services Cleaning hundreds of houses a year. With this service, we will clean your siding, brick, the exterior of your gutters and downspout's, dormers, soffit's and overhangs and around your windows. With this service, you will get a lot for your buck.

Our cleaners

We use an eco-friendly vinyl siding cleaning agent to clean your siding. No need to worry if you have another type of siding because it cleans all types siding. It has soap in it for cleaning the dirt and grim and then it has sodium hypochlorite in our siding cleaner to kill the mold and algae.

Low pressure cleaning

Our machines are special built for washing houses. Our pressure washers spray high water volume and not high pressure. Spraying high pressure can get behind your siding and then could cause mold. With our special machines and cleaners, we can certainly make your home pop.

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We truly care about our clients and our services.

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Commercial Services

We truly care about our customers.

we serve the Lexington area and surrounding counties. We are Lexington's largest PRESSURE WASHING service servicing many COMMERCIAL properties around Lexington KY. Put you trust in our professional crews to keep your property clean. We strive to be the best professional pressure washing service in the area.

Trained Staff Members

We are trained professionals.

For a project to be completed in the correct way, it requires not just hard work and availability but an understanding of the activities that are being performed. Inman Pro Wash offers professionalism that has been cultivated in the training of our staff members. Our well trained staff members are conversant with the safety and quality procedures that are required for a successful project. We simply offer the best and intend to continue with this trend as we move forward into the future.

Insured Policy

We take good care of your property.

The reason why homeowners trust our work is because of our good will in owning a project and delivering the best as per industry standards. We are also insured so your home or business restoration is safe in our hands. While it is not our plan to damage anything as we work on your cleaning needs, we have made sure that in case a loss happens on our watch, you will not bear the cost. By having us do the work for you, the results you get will always be a win.