House Pressure Washing

House Power Washing in Lexington, KY

House Pressure Washing Lexington, KY is one of our most popular services cleaning hundreds of houses a year. With this service, we will clean your siding, brick, the exterior of your gutters and downspout's, dormers, soffit's and overhangs and around your windows. With this service, you will get a lot for your buck.

Our cleaners

We use an Eco-friendly Vinyl Siding Cleaning agent when cleaning your siding. No need to worry if you have another type of siding because it will clean all types. It has soap mixed in for cleaning the dirt and grim and then we have sodium hypochlorite in our cleaners to kill the mold and algae. With these two combined it will make your home look the best it possibly can.

Soft Washing

Our House Pressure Washing Lexington, KY washers are special built for washing houses. Our pressure washers spray high water volume. Not High Pressure This method is called Soft Washing. Spraying high pressure can get behind your siding and then could cause mold. With our special machines and cleaners, we can certainly make your home pop.


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